Get an overview of the whole

Building a house follows its own natural process. Size, layout and many more decisions come together in a plan.
This plan not only needs the official approval but also provides a basis for construction and the payment plan.


Building a house is a uniquely individual experience, with a very personal outcome. Yet, the process follows a pattern that we outline here. Separate pages describe everything in more details.

exsample house 3d x2_edited_copy


Results in planning permission

The end result of the design phase is the application for building permission.
Here you must decide how big, how many storeys, outside colors, and position on the plot. But no interior details yet.



Base for contract

After the initial design, more detailed planning is needed. For the official side water, heating, ventilation, and electricity: all need separate plans to be made by specialists. You will have to decide on the inside surfaces, materials, and colors. Together, this makes the base of the contract.

assemble edit_copy


Follows the plan

The contract we make includes several stages. How many depends on the size of the project. Each stage ends in a defined result that you can check, and that requires a payment. At this point, changes can only be made with both parties agreeing.


So many details to decide!

At this stage, the biggest decisions revolve around inner surface materials and designs. This has a relatively large impact on the budget and is detailed here.

Detailed plans have to be made for electricity, plumbing, and ventilation. That means deciding where every little socket goes, what style they are, what kind of faucets, etc.

And so many other small things one takes for granted, like door handles, floor finish, lights, everything needs to be decided. But, of course, we will help with good advice to guide you.