A four (or more) bedroom house for a large family.

larger family home

More space

In the large family home, the open living space is replaced with a flat roof to create even more space upstairs.

This home can be extended further, but often the extra cost of the open space is too much for large families.

The size is about 8x11m and the total living area over 150m², which can easily be extended.

Downstairs, there are a master bedroom and a large open kitchen living space (6x8m).

Full size upstairs

Since the upstairs is basically the same size as downstairs, there can be up to 4 rooms, making a total of 5 bedrooms.

The model shown here has only three rooms upstairs, two bedrooms and a large common space, but the open space can easily be closed off too.

There is a separate bathroom/utility room upstairs.

Floor heating with an air-water heat pump is standard, as is an additional pellet-burner downstairs.

Prices start at 299k.

Pricing and options

A note about what is included and what is optional, and a comparison with the other designs.

Prices include almost everything you need to move in. Everything not included is basically things that EcoFrame House does not deliver or influence: foundations, building inspector, water and electrical connections. Prices are understood to be based on a permit, which must be applied for by the customer, and upon which concrete prices and the contract are based.

Everything else is included in a basic version, with the starting prices.

Basic versions of surfaces include basic panelling or pine floor.


Apart from the smaller models, like the Family House, this same idea of not having an open space can be made in any size, from one-bedroom upwards.

Of course it does not have the same spacious feeling, but it retains the ecological and energy properties, while being more affordable (in general about 10% less).


The model can be extended to quite a large size. If you want larger rooms, almost any width is possible, eg. 15m. Also, the length can be extended a lot, say 20m. Only if the living room goes over 6m long, we need to add another support post.

This means that upstairs rooms grow and multiply accordingly. We make specific designs adjusting to customers needs.


In this model, the dimension and surface options are probably the main things. Although a side bay window can also be used to bring more light into the upstairs. Especially if more than three rooms are wanted upstairs.

The upstairs can be used as an open space, like a yoga or art studio.