Examples of how different Ecoframe houses could look like.

From tiny houses to large family homes, people have different needs. Here is a list of examples, some of them built, that are the best design for a given category. These are meant to give some inspiration, and they can be a first step on your design journey.

tiny house


Single person or young couple

The tiny house a simple large kitchen living space, with a small bedroom and bathroom attached. The rooms are situated at the back of the house, and there is a terrace at the front, which doubles as the entrance. The upper space is quite small but may be used as storage. The house is 35m² in total, 22 of which are the main room.

small house


Young couple or small family

A simple layout with one bedroom, a small bathroom and a living space. A little larger than the tiny house, 5m x 8m. The open plan kitchen and living area, with the high ceiling, make it feel spacious. And there is a separate side entrance with a porch.

small family house


A small family

Still staying with the same basic layout as a tiny house, a small house is just a little bigger. Maybe up to 6 x 12, with an extra side porch. This means a bigger bathroom and bedroom. The larger upstairs can accommodate a bedroom, maybe an extra toilet.

hd family home


Spacious family home

A slightly wider version, with 3 posts, creates an upstairs that fits 2 bedrooms. At the same time downstairs can be 3 rooms, 2 bedrooms and one bathroom. The now wider living/kitchen area could be up to 6 x 8m or extended with another stopped truss. Depending on how big the rooms need to be, the floor print could be from 7-9 x 12-15m.

larger family home


Family with several children

In this style, timber frame trusses are not used. Instead, a "normal" 1 1/2 storey building is extended with a timber frame downstairs only.

Upstairs, normal trusses are used. Often, the budget is a limitation for families building larger houses, and this way is at least 10% cheaper.

An 8 x 13 or 9 x 14m house can have 4 or 5 bedrooms, with a total area of 160-200 sqm.

As you see, many of the templates have a 1 1/2 storey design, as this is a cost-efficient way to use timber frames and get open spaces.

The open space provides natural access to the upper storey, and the used upper space retrieves some of the higher cost incurred by the extra timber frame.