Building a house is a big project, but with a uniquely rewarding outcome. Depending on how familiar you are with the process, we can help you from the start, designing your house. Or you can choose one of our design templates.

We are very aware that building a house is a very large financial commitment. Together we manage the risk, and we help you understand the monetary impact of your choices from the start.



Get an overview of the whole

Building a house follows its own natural process. Size, layout, and many more decisions come together in a plan.
This plan not only needs the official approval, but also provides a basis for construction and the payment plan.



Find your unique style

Your house should not only suit your space needs but also uniquely fit your taste. If you want, we can help you with creating the planning permission, or you can get an architect.

It is important that you find someone whom you work well with and who can bring your vision to paper.



Get a head start with one of our design templates

We have designs that range from tiny houses to large family homes. Size and number of inhabitants are usually the first decisions, and affect the price the most.
Remember also that these designs are a start, and should be tailored to your needs.



Know what to expect financially

Planning a house involves many choices that have a variable impact on the budget. The difference is not always obvious, so we inform you right from the start what effects your decisions will have on the total cost.