A three bedroom house for a family with 2 children.

hd family home

Open Living Area

The shared kitchen and living area is even larger than in the smaller model and allows the stairs to be hidden nicely.

Downstairs is the master bedroom and a good size bathroom. The total footprint is about 7x10m, with slightly over 100m² living area. Room sizes can be adjusted.

Two upstairs bedrooms

The larger design allows for normal stairs to be nicely hidden, next to the entrance. Also, the upstairs has a small landing.

Upstairs, there are two comfortable bedrooms, and you can adjust the sizes. Also, a small separate toilet fits upstairs.

Floor heating with an air-water heat pump is standard, but a wood burner can optionally be added.

Prices start at 219k.

Pricing and options

A note about what is included and what is optional, and a comparison with the other designs.

Prices include almost everything you need to move in. Everything not included is basically things that EcoFrame House does not deliver or influence: foundations, building inspector, water and electrical connections. Prices are understood to be based on a permit, which must be applied for by the customer, and upon which concrete prices and the contract are based.

Everything else is included in a basic version, with the starting prices.

Basic versions of surfaces include basic panelling or pine floor.


The only way to make this model smaller is to let go of the kitchen island and some of the sofa space; this way, the living area would be made one meter smaller.

The only real way to save money and space, is with one less bedroom, see the Small Family House for more information.


Due to the extra post by the kitchen, this model can be extended a lot, up to 10x18m. By then, of course, room sizes grow a lot and maybe extra rooms would make sense.

To add more bedrooms, without increasing the price too much, we have the Large Family House.


Apart from the normal dimension and surface options, this model allows for a wood burner to be added easily next to the island.

Also, the upstairs bathroom could be a study. Or a large porch could be added, with either a terrace or study on top.